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Candid Water Solutions was originally formed by a US Veteran and his spouse to fill a customer service gap in commercial water. After losing our daughter shortly after forming in 2020 to a rare brain disease(MLD), Candid Water Solutions would be dedicated to Philanthropy. Our big picture is to generate funds to further develop and support programs for families with ill children and combat veterans adjusting to life outside after war. 


Candid Water Solutions will always be family and employee owned. Please dedicate your business to a vision of more than corporate profits and greed.


Since our family was torn apart and turned upside down, oh we rethought what our real goals are with Candid Water Solutions:

  1. Offer trustworthy, elite water solutions to consumers with a personal touch.

  2. Offer the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

  3. Employ only the best water professionals with the highest level of integrity and performance.

Candid Water Solutions sole purpose is to fund a foundation for children with rare diseases - ‘Sophie Strong’, after our beautiful daughter - Sophie Lynn.  (10/29/18-05/17/21)

Candid Water Solutions will lead the way regarding community and charitable involvement.  We will always be privately held, meaning we will never have stockholders to please.  

Corporate water creates poor quality due to only having the goal of increasing share value.  Our promise is to always focus on three things:

  1. Customer Service and Satisfaction 

  2. Employee Morale and Growth 

  3. Charitable Action and Involvement 

The whole premise of our formation was to be big enough to offer all of the services that a large, nationwide, water treatment provider could, but to be small enough to respond rapidly, and focus on a select number of elite customers.   All of that together means consistent reliable results and timely service by a highly skilled expert of  highest level of integrity. 

Candid Water Solutions is not focused on quick, one-time sales, but instead is looking to create partners for life.  

Let us show you the true Candid experience.



Performing countless installations in a wide variety of environments gives us the real-world experience to ensure the success of any project.

Our Certified Water Experts and Engineers can create custom solutions to solve virtually any water treatment challenge.   From feed water report analysis, detailed drawing and budgetary proposals, prototype and pilot testing, to system startup, our technicians are involved every step of the way to ensure the success of the project. 

Quality Assurance

Above all else, quality and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.  We implement rigorous performance and integrity in our product selection to ensure your system achieves optimum performance.  From design control to in process quality checks to final QC, quality control is built into every process when building or maintaining your water system.  To further assist in shorter lead times and concrete quality standards, CWS sources all of its systems and components from American Made Manufacturers.

Staff and Support

Our certified water quality technicians will work with you to find the best solution to your water quality challenges and support you in the operation of your installation.  We stock a large inventory of consumables and support products in order to keep you up and running.  Our friendly customer service staff is here to assist you and ensure your needs are taken care of.

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